Thursday, August 2, 2012

Moving along

- We moved out of the in-laws and are renting a house with Anthony's "sister" near 43rd ave and olive. It's going pretty good and gettign things settled (with a lovely wood panel room, gives it character)
- Anthony's been busy with summer school and work gearing up for his crazy fall and spring semester.
- I've been working, supporting my man and being a wife.
- Wish there was more I could update on, or upload pictures of whats going but its pretty basic: eat, school/work, sleep repeat.

Monday, May 14, 2012

twist and turns

Life is just full of surprises and twist and turns.
- First off Anthony did well this sememster in school, got As and Bs. Will be taking a couple online courses this summer, other classes 2nd half of summer before he gets to start his workload of sciences classes this fall and spring so he can take his DATS/MCATs in the spring.
- As ya know he dislocated his knee in November playing football. $4 months later he dislocated it again in March playing basketball. A tough thing was 4 weeks from injury he had his stress test/final testings scheduled for Columbus PD. Stress test is basically being able to run a certain amount of time as they slowly incline. Expectation is 12-13 minutes. He made it 10-11 mins. (it wasn't even his knee bothering him). He got the option to retest within 90 days at his own expense. He would have to pass and make the summer academy before he's kicked off list, otherwsie he has to retest.
- After finals he was able to go over his MRI with the doctor, and seeing how far off his patella (kneecap) was it make him more nervous; didn't know if he wanted to risk injury again while in police academy (he wouldn't have enough time to have surgery and recover).
- With talking it over and discussing with some medical people we trust, the decision was made to go through with surgery and focus on school and take DATS/MCATS. If that fails, I'm sure he'll regroup to police again.
- Wednesday he had surgery. Basically cutting/loosing the lateral side and tighten the medial side. He's doing well, a bit in pain with it coming and going; so basically try to stay on his meds. He's in an immobilizer so he doesn't bend his knee (hence why he's doing online classes first part of summer).
- I will be having surgery on my other ear next month.
- Otherwise I'm bust working doing massage.
- And taking it a day at a time.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

cruising through life.

- Its amazing the things I can hear now; like the air kicking on in the house, I even have the volume lower than Anthony. I go back to doctor in a week or so for a hearing test and talk about the right ear.
- Anthony is doing great keeping his grades up in school. He still sets a high stanard for himself, and school still comes pretty easy to him (he's gotta do well in his sciences since the biggest thing for MCAT/DAT and school, plus his elecetives were so-so at GCC).
- He also has been having fun helping the boys in our church with basketball (he's the ward athletic director) Treating them techniques, looking up his old high school videos of plays; the boys seem to be enjoying it too.
- Anthony did physical therapy, Monty (PTA) took a liking to him and worked his butt, and started working out and playing basketball. Still taking it pretty easy but getting back there; which is quicker than last time, it took him 6 months to feel comfortable to get on court and over a year to play like he use to. (this was just a couple months)
- Columbus background investigator has also contacted us and is trying to get his packet sent to the board for his interview so he can try and make the June academy.
- Other than that, we've been busy working, excerising, catching up on movies. I might start up some colleges classes getting my associates.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

life update

Just a bit of an update... -Anthony recovered well from his surgery... but of course it doesn't doesn't take long for something new to happen to him physically (of course playing church sports) He hurt his arm playing quarterback for football, nothing major probably a minor strain, nothing a little rest and ice and massage couldn't cure. So when he went to play next week he promised he couldn't play quarterback, but of course the last play they need someone who can throw a recent pass, so of course he's gotta show off to the youngings. When he takes a step back of the uneven church terrain low and behold another injury... not his arm, but his left knee that he dislocated in 2007 (from church basketball) had dislocted again (his cleat got stuck). This time it was more stable, unlike 2007 injury. So of course I had to him go to ortho-pedic instead of care physican, and got blood drained from his knee. Told him he can go physical therapy if he wants, wear a brace and in 6-12 weeks he should be healed if he wans to get out and play again. Doc did tell him its kindd of a 3rd strike you're got and he'll probably have to get surgery because the tendons are so loose (he's known he's mostly likely have to have knee surgery since he was 17 because of how loose everything is) So he's healing from that as well. -On a brighter note, Anthony is attending ASU to recieve a bachelor's in pre-health (might as well get started in case Columbus does or doesn't call) So he's been busy with that attending West, Downtown and Tempe. and going into work. Its a good degree whether he goes for dental or medical. - I just had a tymnoplasty (repair to the hole in my eardrum) We just did the left, and Im sure evntually we'll have to do the right. So this should improve my overall hearing.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Life Doesn't Always Go As Planned

I figured by this time in my life my husband would have a successful career with the police department, we'd be raising a kid with another one on the way; but life doesn't also go with your plan. A few weeks ago Jack (our lieutant friend in Ohio) contacted Anthony to let him know he was going to recieve a rejection letter for the Columbus PD. We wouldn't know the reasoning til he got the letter; we assume the reasoning is the 'wording' he used when talking about money/payment with the buisness. But he's able to appeal it, so he did so. Ever since his trip for the polograph test he felt it wasn't 'right'. When I got the news we weren't going to Columbus, you'd think I would have freaked out, but at the moment I felt, if he doesn't get this, he'll get another one. He had thoughts to start applying here, but didn't feel impressed to act on it, or any other police departments; A part of him felt he needed to stay here in AZ for the time being. After this news, Anthony searched as to what he should do, and he fell back to an idea he had in high school,orthopedic; well go back to school (he's weighing dental and medical) I was overwelmed with the thought of starting a family, having a husband going through med/dental school (possibly not working as much), should I focus on family, school, or work; and just all the stress, thoughts and worries of what can/will happen the next 6-9 years through this process. And then, one morning out of the blue the Columbus PD emailed Anthony to let him know his appeal was accepted and gets to continue the process. This kind of threw us for a whirlwind; police has been his career choice since we've been married (but many challenges/injuries have presented themselves in the process; maybe his injuries were a sign of PD not being right) I'd most likely be a working mom (whereas we'd love the idea if I have an oppourtunity to be a stay at home mom the younger years I can; plus Anthony thinks I'm too much of a busy body to be a stay-at-home mom). Apart of us feels we may need to move on from this idea (Columbus alone as already been a year process). but also know Jack has been so helpful to get us this far. Anthony shadowed an orthopedic in his office and got to learn a bunch of cool things and biggest advice is you have to love what you do to me a doctor because it can require long days, time away from family. He also shadowed a dentist in our ward; dentist has never been in the forefront of Anthony's mind, but liked the laidback enviroment and is more of a family oriented schedule. So for now he's going to let both options (police and school for dental/medical) pan out as they may, if he doesn't get accepted for Janurary acadamy for Columbus he'll most likely move on, we need to do whats best for us and our future family. Which brings me to the whole future family thing.... we're finally getting answers. Anthony's semen analysis has been off, so we went to a urologist and turns out he has varicelle veins in the scrotum and some fluid (which turns out he had a small hernia sack). So he underwent surgery to get them fixed. So we'll see what happens in 3 months to a year, and I'm sure he'll have less feelings of a 'pulled groin' all the time from sports. I know there's gonna be times of happiness and hardships, but isn't that part of life? All we can do it take life in strides, because life doesn't always pan out the way you want, but it turns out just fine. So for now just focus on what's important and take life from there.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Well we're still here in AZ, and get to grace another scorching summer. Hopefully we hear something soon, and we'll be there for the winter academy. Things have been kind of slow for my work, and Anthony; no one wants to be out in this heat. But I have started helping out one of my old office managers at her chiropractic offices, since their LMT is on maternity leave, and Im also helping out with a little bit of office stuff, which I think is cool because I'm sure if we get to Ohio I'd take time for my licensing stuff to go through, so I could do chiropractic asst./office work til then. So Im working part time at 2 chiropractic offices, and massage spa, and whatever outcall I receive (still feel free to call and hook yourself up, or spread the word). Sounds busy, but so far its been okay, like I said things are slow. So besides working, just trying to spend some family time when Im not busy. P.S my nephew Kaleb, is stinkin hilarous; as well as my endless pit niece Aria. Gotta soak up what I can. Well stay tuned...

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Honest Anthony.

Anthony passed the polygraph test! Yea! Knew he'd have no problem, because he's always honest, he was a bit nervous which I'm sure he was detected on the machine, but how are you you remember EVERYTHING in your life. The main factor he would have to be concerned about is finances (bankruptcy and the buisness stuff); hopefully he'll be able to explain things in a way the oral board won't see if as a negative and allow in in the acadamy. So for now we're waiting to do the family interviews, most likely via telephone. He'll have to do a stress test and pass oral board and then he'll receive his letter of acceptance. They'd love to get him into June, but its also a process and who knows if it can be done by then, but if he's all done he could still be admitted if people drop out the first week or we'll be waiting for December. And hopefully all this gets done before the next physical testing but if there's people the score higher than him they would looked at before. But the interviewing told Anthony they try to get a good amount of 70 band into the acadamy because they are some of the best officers. So for now it's still step by step til it gets all done. So keep staying tuned...