Saturday, October 15, 2011

Life Doesn't Always Go As Planned

I figured by this time in my life my husband would have a successful career with the police department, we'd be raising a kid with another one on the way; but life doesn't also go with your plan. A few weeks ago Jack (our lieutant friend in Ohio) contacted Anthony to let him know he was going to recieve a rejection letter for the Columbus PD. We wouldn't know the reasoning til he got the letter; we assume the reasoning is the 'wording' he used when talking about money/payment with the buisness. But he's able to appeal it, so he did so. Ever since his trip for the polograph test he felt it wasn't 'right'. When I got the news we weren't going to Columbus, you'd think I would have freaked out, but at the moment I felt, if he doesn't get this, he'll get another one. He had thoughts to start applying here, but didn't feel impressed to act on it, or any other police departments; A part of him felt he needed to stay here in AZ for the time being. After this news, Anthony searched as to what he should do, and he fell back to an idea he had in high school,orthopedic; well go back to school (he's weighing dental and medical) I was overwelmed with the thought of starting a family, having a husband going through med/dental school (possibly not working as much), should I focus on family, school, or work; and just all the stress, thoughts and worries of what can/will happen the next 6-9 years through this process. And then, one morning out of the blue the Columbus PD emailed Anthony to let him know his appeal was accepted and gets to continue the process. This kind of threw us for a whirlwind; police has been his career choice since we've been married (but many challenges/injuries have presented themselves in the process; maybe his injuries were a sign of PD not being right) I'd most likely be a working mom (whereas we'd love the idea if I have an oppourtunity to be a stay at home mom the younger years I can; plus Anthony thinks I'm too much of a busy body to be a stay-at-home mom). Apart of us feels we may need to move on from this idea (Columbus alone as already been a year process). but also know Jack has been so helpful to get us this far. Anthony shadowed an orthopedic in his office and got to learn a bunch of cool things and biggest advice is you have to love what you do to me a doctor because it can require long days, time away from family. He also shadowed a dentist in our ward; dentist has never been in the forefront of Anthony's mind, but liked the laidback enviroment and is more of a family oriented schedule. So for now he's going to let both options (police and school for dental/medical) pan out as they may, if he doesn't get accepted for Janurary acadamy for Columbus he'll most likely move on, we need to do whats best for us and our future family. Which brings me to the whole future family thing.... we're finally getting answers. Anthony's semen analysis has been off, so we went to a urologist and turns out he has varicelle veins in the scrotum and some fluid (which turns out he had a small hernia sack). So he underwent surgery to get them fixed. So we'll see what happens in 3 months to a year, and I'm sure he'll have less feelings of a 'pulled groin' all the time from sports. I know there's gonna be times of happiness and hardships, but isn't that part of life? All we can do it take life in strides, because life doesn't always pan out the way you want, but it turns out just fine. So for now just focus on what's important and take life from there.


The Tieman Family said...

Oh, Joann- you guys haven't had it easy- good luck with everything- we love you guys!

Beckums said...

Hope you stay in AZ, and praying everything works out for you in the family dept, Love you sister!!!

Bryan and Katie said...

We have had soooo many curve balls along those lines...infertility, job changes, school surprises, money issues...nothing EVER goes like you plan! I think the important thing is prayer...Heavenly Father knows the plan, and he'll help you with all the surprises!
I am SO glad you are getting some baby are in my thoughts & prayers!