Wednesday, January 18, 2012

life update

Just a bit of an update... -Anthony recovered well from his surgery... but of course it doesn't doesn't take long for something new to happen to him physically (of course playing church sports) He hurt his arm playing quarterback for football, nothing major probably a minor strain, nothing a little rest and ice and massage couldn't cure. So when he went to play next week he promised he couldn't play quarterback, but of course the last play they need someone who can throw a recent pass, so of course he's gotta show off to the youngings. When he takes a step back of the uneven church terrain low and behold another injury... not his arm, but his left knee that he dislocated in 2007 (from church basketball) had dislocted again (his cleat got stuck). This time it was more stable, unlike 2007 injury. So of course I had to him go to ortho-pedic instead of care physican, and got blood drained from his knee. Told him he can go physical therapy if he wants, wear a brace and in 6-12 weeks he should be healed if he wans to get out and play again. Doc did tell him its kindd of a 3rd strike you're got and he'll probably have to get surgery because the tendons are so loose (he's known he's mostly likely have to have knee surgery since he was 17 because of how loose everything is) So he's healing from that as well. -On a brighter note, Anthony is attending ASU to recieve a bachelor's in pre-health (might as well get started in case Columbus does or doesn't call) So he's been busy with that attending West, Downtown and Tempe. and going into work. Its a good degree whether he goes for dental or medical. - I just had a tymnoplasty (repair to the hole in my eardrum) We just did the left, and Im sure evntually we'll have to do the right. So this should improve my overall hearing.