Sunday, May 29, 2011

Honest Anthony.

Anthony passed the polygraph test! Yea! Knew he'd have no problem, because he's always honest, he was a bit nervous which I'm sure he was detected on the machine, but how are you you remember EVERYTHING in your life. The main factor he would have to be concerned about is finances (bankruptcy and the buisness stuff); hopefully he'll be able to explain things in a way the oral board won't see if as a negative and allow in in the acadamy. So for now we're waiting to do the family interviews, most likely via telephone. He'll have to do a stress test and pass oral board and then he'll receive his letter of acceptance. They'd love to get him into June, but its also a process and who knows if it can be done by then, but if he's all done he could still be admitted if people drop out the first week or we'll be waiting for December. And hopefully all this gets done before the next physical testing but if there's people the score higher than him they would looked at before. But the interviewing told Anthony they try to get a good amount of 70 band into the acadamy because they are some of the best officers. So for now it's still step by step til it gets all done. So keep staying tuned...