Monday, May 14, 2012

twist and turns

Life is just full of surprises and twist and turns.
- First off Anthony did well this sememster in school, got As and Bs. Will be taking a couple online courses this summer, other classes 2nd half of summer before he gets to start his workload of sciences classes this fall and spring so he can take his DATS/MCATs in the spring.
- As ya know he dislocated his knee in November playing football. $4 months later he dislocated it again in March playing basketball. A tough thing was 4 weeks from injury he had his stress test/final testings scheduled for Columbus PD. Stress test is basically being able to run a certain amount of time as they slowly incline. Expectation is 12-13 minutes. He made it 10-11 mins. (it wasn't even his knee bothering him). He got the option to retest within 90 days at his own expense. He would have to pass and make the summer academy before he's kicked off list, otherwsie he has to retest.
- After finals he was able to go over his MRI with the doctor, and seeing how far off his patella (kneecap) was it make him more nervous; didn't know if he wanted to risk injury again while in police academy (he wouldn't have enough time to have surgery and recover).
- With talking it over and discussing with some medical people we trust, the decision was made to go through with surgery and focus on school and take DATS/MCATS. If that fails, I'm sure he'll regroup to police again.
- Wednesday he had surgery. Basically cutting/loosing the lateral side and tighten the medial side. He's doing well, a bit in pain with it coming and going; so basically try to stay on his meds. He's in an immobilizer so he doesn't bend his knee (hence why he's doing online classes first part of summer).
- I will be having surgery on my other ear next month.
- Otherwise I'm bust working doing massage.
- And taking it a day at a time.