Sunday, February 26, 2012

cruising through life.

- Its amazing the things I can hear now; like the air kicking on in the house, I even have the volume lower than Anthony. I go back to doctor in a week or so for a hearing test and talk about the right ear.
- Anthony is doing great keeping his grades up in school. He still sets a high stanard for himself, and school still comes pretty easy to him (he's gotta do well in his sciences since the biggest thing for MCAT/DAT and school, plus his elecetives were so-so at GCC).
- He also has been having fun helping the boys in our church with basketball (he's the ward athletic director) Treating them techniques, looking up his old high school videos of plays; the boys seem to be enjoying it too.
- Anthony did physical therapy, Monty (PTA) took a liking to him and worked his butt, and started working out and playing basketball. Still taking it pretty easy but getting back there; which is quicker than last time, it took him 6 months to feel comfortable to get on court and over a year to play like he use to. (this was just a couple months)
- Columbus background investigator has also contacted us and is trying to get his packet sent to the board for his interview so he can try and make the June academy.
- Other than that, we've been busy working, excerising, catching up on movies. I might start up some colleges classes getting my associates.